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March 1, 2017
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Elevate Dodgeball

Dodgeball, the sport that schools fear and kids love!


Dodgeball has been around for as long as any American can remember and Elevate is putting on games for kids of all ages to come out and play.

Want to Play? When you come in, you and your family and friends can split into age groups, allowing older and younger players to play with people their own age in separate, enclosed trampoline half-pipes.

Are you ready to face off with your opponents on the trampoline and let the balls fly? At the sound of the whistle, the ultimate game of skill and dexterity will begin under a hail of squishy balls! If you’ve never played dodgeball on a trampoline, it adds a whole new dynamic to the game and in our trampoline half-pipes, you can bounce off the walls as well as the floor!

Your objective of is to not get hit because if you do, you’re out.

To avoid being hit…

  • Run!
  • Duck!
  • Jump!
  • Catch! (If you can catch a ball thrown at you, then the thrower it is out.)

The team left standing at the end is the winner, There will be a staff member on hand to make sure that the rules are being followed and the kids are staying safe.

If you’re ready for an awesome contact and elimination game, our doors will be opening at the end of February 2017.

We can’t wait to play you!

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